Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How to make MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) and iPad 2 useful in the year 2020

This blog is written to express my gratitude to all the people helped me to fulfill this initiative

Here one can find the steps for hardware upgrade of MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) and installation on it and iPad 2 the latest supported by Apple MacOS X v. 10.11.6 El Capitan, iOS v. 9.3.5 and MS Windows 10. All the steps made took more than a month reading, testing, more than 6 hours phone talks with Apple Support and as an exception tens of e-mails. More than 5 friends of mine were also involved in this tedious battle.

On the other hand because of my ignorance of contemporary Apple hardware and software some of the problems were definitely provoked by me. Some of the obvious facts written in this blog are also a consequence of the lack of knowledge and experience so be indulgent.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Family Multi-Tree (FMTree) project is on Github

Family Multi-Tree project is ready to be shared and it can be found on the following links: FMTree is a simple but powerful web application for viewing, exploring and exporting as graphics of Family Multi-Trees described in data files. It is written on Javascript and HTML 5 using Data-Driven Documents (d3.js) library, OpenLayers dynamic maps framework, OpenStreetMap foundation and contributors work, modified d3.js timeline chart of Genscape, Inc. and many other libraries and demos. It works well with Google Chrome 14+, Mozilla Firefox 7+ and MS Edge ver. 83 on a desktop computer with height resolution display capable to show volume graphics generated for complex multi-trees. Data can be in CSV or JSON format. They can be loaded directly in the browser from a local file or from Internet. Internet access is required for downloading the software dependencies only.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Small deviation instead of salute

I like the globalization as a next natural step for our civilization. It adds to everybody's life new dimensions, more choices and freedom. Madness is not a must but it is very helpful for everyone trying to make the world bigger and better.

Unfortunately, "the madness of the globalization" is a tendency of replacing the reality with its extended and decorated hyperreality created by the globalizing industry to supply a fresh air for their corporate balloons. Adding to that the propagation of the incompetence up to the highest levels in the structure of our society makes the picture of our life horrible.

That is why the movement started as "open source" by the computer professionals and spread in almost all aspects of the human life is the only real answer to the madness of the globalization. This is what I call "openness". It makes me to look from the bright side of the things and to be an optimist for the life of our children.

With my best respects to the life and believes of one great man who had a try in opening the minds of one whole people in times of darkness I would like to say with his words that openness is active position of free giving to and requiring the same by others. That will make our life better in spite of the madness of the globalization.

This is my credo and I will try to follow it in all my posts like I do in whole my life.